Dear Chef,

Cakeup is a marketing platform dedicated to market, sell and deliver your cakes.

We will work on providing best and fastest delivery .

From your side, please:


  • Be sure all your ingredients are always fresh and top quality
  • Be sure the cake you provide is the same in the photo
  • Be sure the box you use is of the proper size and material
  • Be sure that the cake is maintained at the "hygiene regulated" temperatures, until the delivery happens.
  • Be sure to add cooling devices (dry ice or similar) to your cakes
  • If uncooked eggs are used (Tiramisu'), be sure to use pasteourized eggs


  • if 3D cakes or complex decorations, be sure to leave a message in the box with the guidelines of the decoration
  • specify to delivery guy the transporatntion details if very fragile

Cakeup is not responsible for any hygiene and health safety issue, so please be sure to keep your cake in the best way.

in case of dispute on cakes (wrong cakes, damaged and so on), "Live Tracking" archive photos will tell us the issue.